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INSANE Car Crash Compilation of 2020 | 20+ Minutes! 🔥

This is a car crash compilation of 2020. This also features clips such as bad drivers, rear ended, and driving fails. This video can be utilized as a learning tool of how to obey traffic laws, road safety procedures, and driving conditions. This video can also educate yourself about the consequences of bad driving/driving fails to help you become a knowledgeable driver. Many clips are used as an example of how to and how NOT to follow driving procedures. Please read the original on-screen commentary to be aware of the informational and educational value of each clip. Recall that driving is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with driving regulations and safety measures may result in similar actions.

We edit the raw footage of every clip so it is convenient as possible for all viewers. Some examples would be adding the location of the incident, zooming into areas and displaying arrows to help understand situations, giving additional information about each incident, etc.

**We decided to create a top car crash/car accident compilation of the many wrecks collected since the beginning of this year. Please also be advised that many of the the clips featured display the wrong time stamp.

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📋 Helpful Driving Safety Tips:
1) Avoid distractions
2) Practice defensive driving
3) Don’t speed
4) Stay Alert
5) Share the Road

~ Drive Safe! 🙂

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