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[UK] Bad Driving & Car Crash Compilation #007 JULY 2016

Welcome to UK Bad Driving & Car Crash Compilation #007!

As always, i try to get the latest video clips to add to my compilations. Meaning sometimes the videos can be shorter than normal. Make sure to submit your videos and be featured in my next compilation.

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| Video Credits (In order of appearance) |

DPD Driver knocks over biker:
Car cuts corner:
Driving Instructor runs over man:
BMW Speeds head-on into camera car:
Car hits cyclist on roundabout:
Cyclist cut up by car:
Road rage on BMW driver:
Lorry driver gets a bit close to cyclist:
Thug cyclist knocks down pedestrian:
Cyclist overreacts?:
Pedestrian wanders into road:
Dangerous biker overtake:
That was close!:
Speeding driver blocked by lorry:
Cars driving through flood on road:
Queue jumpers crash & guy slams door into friend’s face:

I take no credit for any of the videos used in this compilation. All credit goes to the original video and creator.
If you have any issues with this video please don’t hesitate to contact me at my main e-mail so we can figure something out 🙂