Stolen car crash

A 21-year-old Sun Prairie man is arrested for reckless endangerment, drunken driving, and operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent Friday night after jumping into a 2014 Audi S7 Premium Quattro and flooring it in reverse. Several people jumped out of the way before the Audi crashed into a parked van on Hawthorne Court.

Deputies Assisting In Crash Hit By Second Car Crash

Pasco County Deputies responded to a vehicle crash at the intersection of State Road 52 and Hays. The video shows them render aid to a female driver of one of the vehicles. After investigating and attemping to calm the scene, a Silver Truck crossing the intersection was T-Boned, causing that crash to strike the original …

RUSSIA Car CRASH Compilation 2013 March All NEW! (Part 21)

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Russia Car Crash accidents compilation 2013. (Part 4)

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Really Stupid and Funny car crash !! (Dumb accident)

How can a human being be so stupid ?? funny car crash accident truck ice skid woman driving compilation road oil police incrediable fire ghost riding More stupid than Eddie Griffin ferrari Enzo Crash Stupidest and funniest car crash every !! (truck accident) What happens when you try to surf on your car top funny …


We were heading back to our hotel after a trackday. Waiting at the traffic lights this Mustang passed us and drifted into the oncoming lane causing a crash with the couple sitting in the Maserati. The Mustang driver was under the influence of something. After checking on him I went to the couple in the …