Sprint Car Crash Test into a Wall

IMMI crash tests a sprint car into the barrier wall at its Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) to see how safe a driver might be in an accident that takes place on the track during an actual race. To find out more about CAPE and its testing services in Westfield, Indiana, visit www.capetesting.com.

Glen RIdge High School Mock Drunk Driving Car Crash

This is a MOCK drunk driving car accident that was organized by the Student council at Glen Ridge High School. The purpose of this demonstration was to show the effects of drinking and driving. Members from the Glen Ridge police, and ambulance squad, as well as Montclair fire “responded” as if this was an actual …

Australian Car Crash / Dash Cam Compilation 13

Get $10 off any dash cam by using coupon code DCOAYT Description: These compilations are made every 3 months from footage from the Facebook page, some of these videos have been featured by themselves here on YouTube already, these videos have always been done this way its nothing new.

Insane airborne car crash into overpass (8/23/2010)

Credit: WDTN News ( ) SUGARCREEK TOWNSHIP (WDTN) – A single car crash on Interstate 675 shut down the southbound lanes in Sugarcreek Twp. for six hours Aug. 23. Brennan S. Eden, 19, of Mason, Ohio, lost control of his car and slammed into the concrete pillar of a bridge south of Indian Ripple Road …

100MPH Car Accident: 5 Dead After Terminated Police Chase

KALAMAZOO, MI — A police dash-cam video shows that an officer terminated a pursuit long before a speeding car crashed on East Main Street, killing five people. Police released the dash-cam video just hours after the crash. A Kalamazoo Township officer spotted the speeding Dodge Charger at 12:43 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 2 going an estimated …

CREAM – Car Crash

Written by: Casey Feigh Directed by: Jason Farrand Starring: Casey Feigh, Jacob Womack & Jill Donnelly Featuring: Joe Hartzler, Julia Bellows, James Ross, Scott Hayes, Gian Molina, Jake Regal & Candice Tobin Edited by: Bob Mori & Tony Gentile