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Speed car bump challenge – car crash simulator Android gameplay

Are you ready to enjoy Extreme Speed Bump Cars Drive Fun?
If you love the speed of driving with stunts and drifts this game is a treat for you. The only task you have to complete in this car race is to reach the finish line without wrecking or shoving your luxurious car. So, be ready for a racing experience, set on the side of the city and accept the speed car bumps challenges to become a stunt master. This game has added new dimensions to the impossible racing games with its challenging hurdles & incredible obstacles. Get fast to conquer the death tracks without any search.

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This impossible car bumps challenge is all about timing and pace. Cross all the lethal checkpoints with perfect timing else your speed car will get crushed in no time. Jump over the ramps while giving turbo-pump to your supercar and cross all the roadblocks in a wink of an eye. Don’t be lazy as this demolition race is all about speed. Race around the tricky obstacles and leave the skid mark behinds while drifting heavily on the death tracks.

Enjoy the extreme car demolition with real deforming of car meshes and sub-meshes. Feel yourself sitting inside the car cabin whenever you hit the deadly hurdles and roadblocks. This is all due to the virtue of 3D physics engine and realistic car simulation effects. Have fun playing this exciting game offered by Knock-Solutions (Gamtech) Inc. This is not only a free game but is also an offline game.

Game Features:

– Bundle of exhilarating stunt racing missions.
– Amazing game graphics with lustrous car looks.
– Tilt, Steering and button controls.
– Powerful and speedy muscle cars.
– Extremely challenging gameplay.
– Free to download.

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