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Just A Car Crash Away – Marilyn Manson w/lyrics

This song is from Marilyn Manson’s studioalbum “Eat Me, Drink Me” that came out in 2007.


Vocal: Marilyn Manson (/ Brian Warner)
Drums: Ginger Fish (/ Kenny Wilson)
Bass: Tim Skold (/ Thim Sköld)
Guitar: Tim Skold (/ Thim Sköld)
Keyboard: M. W. Gacy (/ Stephen Bier, Jr.)

Album: Eat Me, Drink Me
Year: 2007
Song: Just a Car Crash Away
Lenght: 4:57


1. If I Was Your Vampire
2. Putting Holes In Happiness
3. The Red Carpet Grave
4. They Said That Hell’s Not Hot
5. Just a Car Crash Away *
6. Heart-Shaped Glasses
7. Evidence
8. Are You the Rabbit?
9. Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery
10. You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
11. Eat Me, Drink Me


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