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Greater Vancouver Car Crash Compilation

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A compilation of car crashes from the Greater Vancouver Area / Lower Mainland.

The number of dashcam users around Vancouver has definitely gone up in the past few years, as more and more accidents are being recorded. I will continue to collect these clips and upload compilations of around 5-6 minutes long whenever I get enough clips.

Remember to check out my playlist, “Car Accidents in Greater Vancouver” for the most up to date Vancouver car crash videos:

Clip 1:
Clip 2: Unable to find original link
Clip 3:
Clip 4:
Clip 5:
Clip 6:
Clip 7:
Clip 8:
Clip 9:
Clip 10:
Clip 11:
Clip 12:
Clip 13:
Clip 14:
Clip 15:
Clip 16:
Clip 17:
Clip 18:
Clip 19:
Clip 20:
Clip 21:
Clip 22:
Clip 23:
Clip 24:
Clip 25:
Clip 26:
Clip 27: