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Epic Car Crash Fails

The car crash fails will leave you baffled! Some of these crashes are nearly impossiable! Come check out these epic Fails!
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22.Well, we are stuck

This guy is really feeling the pinch, i’m not sure how they got into this situation, I am just impressed. The roads in europe are tricky.
French Guy- once more into the breach my friends, we will fill it with our bodies, and cars to stop these barbarians.

21.Bridging the gap

This guy got so lucky, do you think he crawled out of the back window very carefully. This reminds me of that scene in Jurassic park, where the T-rex pushes the jeep of the ledge.

Robot- Humans should not operate vehicles. Human reaction time is usually 300 milliseconds, far too slow.

20.Pole Vaulting

Man that pun was almost as bad as this crash! This photo would make you never let your kids go to prom. Who knows, maybe the guy driving this car had a big stick up his a….. At the office they call him greg the impaler.
Bob-Who can tell me in the comments what car this is?


19.Tractor fail

I guess someone underestimated how tall this tractor on the back of there truck was. Good thing cats always land on their feet. Am I right. Man that was bad.

Redneck- This guy shouldn’t take his work home with him.

18.Mobil Home Wreck

Just because it’s mobile doesn’t mean it will move if you drive at it. I wonder how many of these wrecks were directly related to alcohol . An alcohol related crash happens every two minutes in America. Drunk driving cost each American about 500$ every year. That’s just in taxes, can’t imagine how much the lawyers make.

I did that to Grandma bettys trailer on my seventeenth birthday. Killed like 20 cats in the incident.

Old Jewish Lady- That truck wasn’t very properly named

17.Diggin a ditch

Whenever I see people trying to cut through traffic by going into the construction zone, I secretly hope this happens to them.

Stoner dude- you hit the wrong pipes man!

From our Alien Hoaxes Video.

We are Sorry Owen Riley. That is worse than this nuclear potato. Thanks for telling us what you found in your fridge!

16.Pool fail

After a night of drinking I like to take a swim! Hopefully they had the top down.
Robot- I think water is bad for machines
Dedalus d.- I bet that woke him up!

Does anyone have a solution to how this car got here? If so write it in the comments below. Or tag me on twitter @Schizobob. With the hashtag #howdidigethere

14.Giant Soccer Ball

This Nike soccer ball was like I’m just going to do it. And then it rolled off the top of this building and crushed this BMW. I suppose you shouldn’t put giant round things on roofs.

French guy- I bet that was a referee’s car who made a bad call!

13.Cop Fail

I wonder if the cop in this photo had a search warrant, because otherwise this was unlawful search and seizure. I would have came out of the house and read this cop his miranda rights.

Redneck- quick hide the weed the cops are raiding the house!
Stoner Dude- I want to hide under the porch but it’s too cold.
Old jewish lady- We are going to make so much money off of the state.

12.Tree Fail

If a tree falls on your car in the middle of the woods, and nobody’s around, is your car still wrecked. Yes it Is! I don’t think the tree had insurance, but hey hopefully he did. Think about it this way, the tree lost its life, and unless someone parked there to make out for a bit, then we can assume everyone is fine.

Redneck- I did this to my neighbors car once, what we needed more firewood, and I told him to quit parking in front of my house.

11.A Tight Squeeze

I think I can make it, was the thought that went through this guy’s head as he tried to squeeze between what looks like two yellow submarines.

Dedalus D. – It’s all in your mind.
Wiener Schnitzel- I think he took on a little bit more than he could chew, hopefully he was feeling skinny that day.

10.Just hang in there

I guess the first question I have is how is this even possible? I have heard of hangin someone’s shoes in the Hood, but never the car they use to deliver pizza. .

Stoner Dude- Man I was just driving back from a delivery run, and this chupacabra ran in front of me. Then all hell broke loose. My boss is never going to believe this one.