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Compilation of Car Crashes in America, Best of Car Crash, Fails, Road Rage and More…
Bad Drivers in USA

Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions.

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1. Video from suffer247:
2. Video from 13 UnderTheGun:
3. Video from Linalool E31 Studio:
4. Video from RamosXN40:
5. Video from blmonkey:
6. Video from Justin Rohrer:
7. Video from Brian Wilson:
8. Video from Jeremy-Rigged:
9. Video from kdavies5:
10. Video from Cam:
11. Video from My Torino:
12. Video from Pete Zaitcev:
13. Video from hoofedblackymob:
14. Video from Drone_Video:
15. Video from John O’Malley:
16. Video from kszys:
17. Video from Chris Pow:
18. Video from Tino:
19. Video from Once Upon a Dashcam:
20. Video from Derrik Walker:
21. Video from Dashcam On The Road:
22. Video from Jason Whippe:
23. Video from cac cda:
24. Video from Dash Cam Owners World:

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