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car crash in russia, car disintegrates

On February 12, 2012, about 6:20 p.m local time, a Nissan Navara SUV driven by a 32 year old Moscow resident identified only as Alexander did lose control, briefly made contact with what the article calls “a Gazelle” which I’m assuming is a make or model name of a vehicle or a translation quirk, and then drifted into the oncoming lane where it was hit head on by a Freightliner Big Rig. The driver of the SUV was killed and the driver of the Big Rig suffered moderate injuries….this was on the M-7 Highway in Russian near a village called Omutishi in the Petushinsky district of Russia, about 190 miles west of Moscow…everyone in the suv died….disintegrated…the biggest remain found was a leg, four people were in the suv