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3D Car Crash Animation: Seatbelts save lives – Hochschule Ansbach

3D car crash: latest Version @ Vimeo

“Seatbelts save lives” shows destruction easthetically and refers to a everyday problem in a very dramatic way as there are still many people who don’t buckle up when driving.

The 3D Animation has been created in the course of a term project within my study focus 3D Graphics at the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach. Focus of the project was destruction of one or more objects with no restricitions on type and scope. However, pointless destruction made no sense to me. I wanted to transport a message with the topic desctruction, to remind people and get their attention…

After much thought and some back and forth I decided on a crash test. Many hours of research brought not only the endless deformations to light but as well as the forces that are acting on the vehicle passengers in an accident. Tests have shown that modern cars offer great protection and that especially the seatbealts in many cases decide over life and death. The idea was born and could be packed in a concept.

– Semifinalist at the ADOBE Design Achievement Awards 2011 (Cat. Animation)
– MAXON CINEMA 4D Demo Reel 2011www.youtu.be/​Az9VH33Cl7E?hd=1
– Winner MUK Kurzfilmnacht 2011 “Best 3D Animation”
– Finalist KUFIFE, HdM Stuttgart

used tools: Cinema 4D, After Effects
personal performance: modeling, texturing, staging, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing

– music by walter mazzaccaro
– thanks to evermotion.org (Audi model)

Studienarbeit 3D Graphics,
5. Semester Multimedia und Kommunikation
Hochschule Ansbach 2011

!!!! Seat belts save lives ist im neuen Maxon Cinema 4d Demo Reel 2011 !!!