This video is #223 in the educational series that is all about car crashes, instant karma, roll over accidents, insurance fraud, close calls, and more. If you’re into insane dash cam footage, crashes, fails, and more, this is the video for you. Enjoy, you’ll be addicted!

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Additional information about the clips:

1. Insane Highway Crash – AcidBurn21281

This clip is a great example as to why you should never drive
tired. The driver was tired, and jerked his wheel, causing him to
lose control, slam into the barrier and clip another car.

2. T-Bone Crash – Colten In FL

The driver pulled out in front of the cammer, forcing the cammer
to t-bone her. Airbags deployed in both cars, totaling both. If you
are yielding and it is not 100% safe to proceed, pls don’t risk it.

3. Truck Rear Ends Semi – Sam B

There are only two explanations for this crash. #1 the truck driver was obviously distracted which caused him to ram into the semi, or #2 the semi truck was wearing a cloaking device, making it invisible.

4. Pick Up Driver Loses Wheel – Josiah C

The pick up truck driver lost a wheel on the highway. Thankfully
no one got hurt or hit. This is a PSA: please check your tires/
wheels are properly secured to avoid a situation like this.

5. Failure To Merge Crash – Andrew V

The SUV driver failed to merge properly, sideswiping the
cammers mustang. After dealing with insurance for 3 months,
the SUV driver was at total fault. Damages were about $1700.

6. Close Call – ThickFriend81

The cam makes things appear farther than they are. The sedan driver jerked his car into the next lane, nearly causing a crash. Thankfully, because the cammer was alert, he braked in time, preventing one.

7. Highway Crash – Chris De La Rosa

The silver sedan was in the truck driver’s blindspot. He failed to notice it, and pitted the sedan causing the crash. Always look twice before changing lanes.

8. Unknown Chicken – Charley S!

Sure this is not a crash, but, this is definitely something you don’t see every day. The chicken literally popped out of no where. How do you think it got there? #ChickenTrivia

9. Blind Pull Out – Ray The Robotc Pikachu

The beetle driver blindly pulled out, in front of the cammer, causing him to panic swerve.
They then drove off, and returned 10 minutes later to scene, and booked it, again.
Police are still looking for the VW Beetle driver.

10. Left Turn Fail and Crash – Yuri Sivak!

The van driver tried to go turn left from the far right lane, causing the cammer to slam right into him. The van driver was found at complete fault.

11. Biker Vs SUV – Big Stats

The biker had the right of way, as the crosswalk indicated it was
safe for him to go. The SUV driver had to stop. On the bright
side of things though, there were no injuries and thats whats important.

12. Chevy Takes Flight – Louisiana Dashcam

The Chevy Driver was going way too fast and got some airtime after hitting some holes in the road. Chances are, he was rushing home to comment “first” on the next DDS upload.

13. Semi Driver Merge Fail – Dragon Timothy

The cammer had the right of way. The merging truck driver had to yield but failed to do so. Both companies agreed that other driver was at fault.

14. Close Call – Luis V

I have no idea how so many driver could be so oblivious to the
fact that they’re running a red light. The Chrysler driver tries to
join the party, but nearly gets creamed. Thankfully no accident occurred.

15. Instant Karma – Thickfriend81

The BMW driver thought he was more important than everyone
else and speeds. He does the panic brake when he sees the
cop, but it was too late. Karma was bound to be served.