This video is #221 in the educational series that is all about car crashes, instant karma, roll over accidents, insurance fraud, close calls, and more. If you’re into insane dash cam footage, crashes, fails, and more, this is the video for you. Enjoy, you’ll be addicted!

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Additional information about the clips:

1. Insane Biker Crash – Atom

The biker wanted to use this platform to say that he wants this clip to
help remind people to not drive with distractions and watch what is in
front of them. Look twice, save a life. Both biker and driver were good sports about it. Kudos to them.

2. Cut-Through Crash – Mo Mo 618

This is why I always advise against cut throughs. The driver was not sure if it was clear to proceed, went ahead anyways, and was rammed into by oncoming traffic and found at fault. Had he made a legal u-turn ahead, this could’ve been prevented.

3. Rear End Collision – Dakcae

The sedan driver just froze when he heard the ambulance, and the van
driver was not expecting the sudden stop causing the accident. Always
stay alert, and try to pull over safely.

4. Why Having A Dashcam Is Important – MemphisR24

The Dump truck driver blindly reverses, and rams right into the cammer. Thankfully, the cammer has his dashcam rolling. The drivers tried to pin it on the cammer but got obliterated when he pulled the dashcam card on them.

5. Hit and Run – Henry Abi Rafeh

The driver blindly reversed and booked it. Unfortunately the cammer was a victim of a hit and run. He did the right thing by not pursuing because you never know if the person you are chasing is dangerous or not. He is still waiting on his insurance’s decision.

6. Instant Karma For Impatient Driver – Trevor8070!

The impatient driver was clearly too busy to wait, and cuts off the
cammer to get ahead by one car. The impatient driver is so caught up in
his obliviousness, he rear ends the car in front of him. Karma at its best.

7. Peyton – Red Light Runner Crash

The PT cruiser driver blatantly ran a red light and causing oncoming
traffic to slam right into them. The PT cruiser was at fault. Both cars
involved were totaled. Thankfully, everyone was OK.

8. Vigilante Construction Vehicle – ColoradoDashcam!

The Mazda driver was speeding and cutting cars off. Moments later, a
vigilante construction vehicle runs him off the road. Thankfully,
everyone involved was ok.

9. T-Bone Crash – Kim

The cammer had to yield to oncoming traffic and failed to do so. He
was at fault for the collision. I know you’re probably asking yourself,
woah, did DDS not side with the cammer? The answer is a shocking yes.

10. Highway Spin Out – Taylors Dash Cam

The red car driver failed to check his mirrors/blindspots merging into the lane, and panic reacted the last second, causing the spin out. It’s a miracle no accident occurred. Always check your sides and blind spot!

11. Parking Lot Crash – Stephanie

Both drivers reversed at the same time, and hit each other at the same time. Since this was on private property and both reversed at the same time, liability was split 50/50.

12. Hit and Run – BasilTheBatlord377

The truck driver failed to check his blind spots changing lanes, and hit
the car in the next lane and then earned himself hit and run charges.
Thankfully, the cammer sent in the footage to the local authorities.

13. Truck Vs BMW – BadDrivers PA

The truck driver bullies his way into the lane and makes it a point to
not yield to the BMW driver, hitting him. Most, if not all the time, just
yielding to someone saves you many headaches.

14. Turning Driver Crash – John Koziarski

The turning driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, causing the sedan
to plow right into him, totaling the vehicles. If it is not safe to proceed,
please do not risk it.

15. OreoLivesOn – Crazy Lady

The cammer was not doing anything wrong. He came back to his hometown to take pictures of his childhood school and this lady harassed him and calls the cops. Kudos to the cammer for keeping his cool.